Sahba Naderi is a Structural Engineer based in the Greater Los Angeles, California Area. Although his career is demanding, Sahba commits a great deal of his time to give back to the community. Throughout his life, Sahba Naderi has been a dedicated member of a number of community service organizations and goodwill efforts. He has supported causes of many sorts, related to the environment, conservation, arts, and children’s wellness.

Environment & Conservation

Sahba Naderi, a committed environmentalist, and conservationist is passionate about making our planet a better place or future generations. He supports a number of charitable organizations that are dedicated to preserving the well-being of endangered animals. Sahba Naderi believes that it is important to protect these animals because it is crucial for our health and the future of our children. As species are lost, we lose options for future discovery and advancement in the process.

His environmental work extends far past the protection of animals, however, as Sahba Naderi has  devoted a great deal of his time to help change the current tide of deforestation. Forests are home to over 200 million people, and an additional 1.4 billion people depend directly on forest goods for their survival. Sahba Naderi understands that it is imperative for our everyone to come together to reverse the current trends.

The Arts

Passionate about the arts, Sahba Naderi is committed to helping educate others on the importance of art and music programs within the education system. With an understanding of how meaningful creative and artistic pursuits can be, Sahba believes that children of all ages should have easier access to education in the arts.

Sahba Naderi understands that the arts have the ability to improve academic performance. In fact, students with an education rich in the arts tend to have higher GPAs and standardized test scores.

Living in the creative capital of the world, Los Angeles, Sahba Naderi has also seen firsthand how the arts have an ability create a unique community and culture, driving tourism and the economy as a whole in the process.

Children’s Wellness

Sahba Naderi is a big supporter of organizations that assists children, especially those suffering from life-threatening illnesses. Sahba is committed to doing his part to help build a future where all children in America get the care they need to be healthy so that they can reach their full potential in life.